About the Study

The National Study of Asian and Pacific Islander Catholics in the United States is designed to assess the characteristics, contributions, and needs of U.S. Catholics who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander.

Commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops‘ subcommittee on Cultural Diversity in the Church, findings will critically inform a forthcoming National Pastoral Plan along with scholarship on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans and religion.

Leading sociologists Dr. Tricia Bruce (Maryville College), Dr. Jerry Park (Baylor University), and Dr. Stephen Cherry (University of Houston – Clear Lake) are employing a broad-scale, mixed methods approach to generate an unprecedented look into the diversity of people and communities that constitute Asian and Pacific Island American Catholics today.

A January 2015 article in Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) Newsweekly summarizes the study and its aims.

All Asian and Pacific Islander Catholics in the United States are invited to participate through the online survey or locally-organized focus groups.


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